About Us

Throwdowns the way throwdowns should be...

We got tired of taking out mortgages for CrossFit comps in the UK, only to perform 7 mins of exercise, so we decided to take it back to basics...

The CFNS way of doing things...

CFNS was built and opened for the same reason CrossFit was started. Real people, real fitness delivered in 1 hour, real life. People seem to like the way we do our comps, so we decided to do a few more...

CFNS’s Graft and Gravy is a fitness throwdown celebrating us northerners; hardworking, down to earth, straight talking and strong as.

No qualifiers, no final, no fuss! 4 workouts announced on the day testing teamwork, strength and above all GRAFT!

So get your lifters polished, your burpees synced and your team outfits sorted!

Meet the Team

Some of the faces of the team behind Northern Souldiers!

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Liz & Paige

Northern Souldiers Throwdown

Paige: "Rage Paige"
CF L1 Trainer/PT/Nutrition goddess
Giver of the ‘no rep’
Gob on a stick
Most likely to be found tracking calories whilst staring at a cookie
Favourite workout: Diane

Liz: "LizBee"
CF L1 trainer/Postnatal exercise specialist
Giver of the "bro rep"
Carbohydrate enthusiast
Most likely to be found, coffee in hand, in a hoard of Fitmum’s discussing the pelvic floor
Favourite workout: the cool down


The Team

We'd be nowhere without our crew!

These guys built this place, and built these events!

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